Selasa, 06 September 2011

We Can All Try It

None of us want to teach selfish, rowdy, ungrateful, undisciplined, prejudiced students. How can we encourage them the right direction ?
First of all, character education experts encourage us to promote character in the way we conduct our classrooms. If we treat our students fairly and show compassion, we model positive character for them. Or, rather than just learning the facts about great person, why not go further and explore some of the character traits that made him successful ? Further, we can find ways to incorporate it into our curriculum.
In my opinion, we are today still a sound society; in more than one sense, we have inherited a very healthy constitution from our founding fathers. We know how to dispel the moral confusion and get back our bearings and our confidence.
We have traditions and institutions of proven strength and efficacy, and we are still strong.
We need to bring back the great books and the great ideas. We need to transmit the best of our political and cultural heritage. We need to teach our young people to understand, respect, and protect the institutions that protect us and preserve our kindly, free, and democratic society.
This we can do. And when we engage in the Great Relearning that is so badly needed today, we will find that the lives of our morally enlightened children will be saner, safer, more dignified, and more humane.
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