Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Muster the U.S. Fleet

Tuesday, deploying U.S. warships the Navy and Air Force fighter to come close to Libya, including Fleet USS Enter-prise and the USS Kearsarge amphibious ship carrying dozens of helicopters and about 2,000 marines.
U.S. and European Union are also preparing to intervene against the Qaddafi regime. Authorities are discussing the possibilities of action. "We will put the troops as soon as possible to immediately take action if needed," said Pentagon spokesman, Col. Dave Lapan, told AFP on Tuesday.
When Qaddafi began attacking troops of the opposition, the U.S. and Europe has been considering the use of troops of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Assignment of NATO forces is aimed at helping the people of Libya to overthrow Qaddafi.
Fly zones over Libya will also be applied by the West for Qaddafi could not do the air attack.
Qaddafi accused the West has been betrayed. In fact, he said, Libya helped the West in the war on terrorism. This is expressed by Qaddafi in an interview with ABC television, U.S..
Qaddafi did not give a signal surrender. "The people of Libya is still in love and ready to die for me," he said.
Qaddafi also said the crisis in his country moved West and Al Qaeda. According to him, the U.S. is not the world police. "Nothing happened in Libya. No more protest and there was no massacre of the people. "
U.S. Ambassador to UN Susan Rice accused Qaddafi has massacred its people. When Qaddafi declared not kill people, Rice said, Qaddafi was imagining.

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