Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia declares plan to build nuclear power plants still will be continued despite the incident appeared in the Fukushima nuclear plant damage Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami.
Previously, the government has set a mountainous Muria in Central Java as nuclear reactor construction site. But, this plan continue to get resistance from the local community and also environmental activists for security reasons.
Head of Legal Cooperation and Public Relations Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia, Ferhat Aziz here on Friday, explaining the government had already set up options elsewhere to build nuclear power plants are in the area of ​​Bangka Belitung.
Pacific Islands region and the mountains of Moriah, according Ferhat Aziz, can be categorized as a safe area for the construction of nuclear power because it is far from the threat of earthquakes and tsunamis.
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