Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

The Concept of Healthy Life Style of The Prophet Muhammad

As an example of the application of Islamic law that has been demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad in our daily lives, with the intention for his followers to imitate his lifestyle.
* About food
Messenger suggests that eating it turns out wearing hygienic hand, namely the right hand. Not like these days, eat with how to use a spoon, fork, knife and so forth. Because the hand is a reflection of the kidney, liver and body organs are other important health that can help the process. On the right hand also, to secrete enzymes that function as enzymes penserna toxin.
As for some examples of commonly consumed foods Prophet are as follows:
a. Date palm
Dates consumed Prophet, because dates are a magical food. Because after the date ingested, the substance contained in it can be converted into blood cells, which serve as substitutes Hemoglobin is broken after the Prophet to pray night
b. Apple
Apples are also often consumed Prophet, karean apple contains vitamin A vitamin that serves as a backup for the activities of the Prophet which 2 / 3 nights used to practice their religion
c. Squash
Already we understand, that the temperature in the Middle Eastern countries is very high, so the Messenger of Allah often eat pumpkin as a fluid replacement of damaged intestinal wall due to high temperatures. And thus can prevent diseases, such as typhus, gastritis and sebagaimya
* About sleep
Sleep is the place to kholiknya lupanya person. Therefore, Prophet membarikan good example for humans to avoid forgetting to His nature.
He taught us to sleep on his body looked or skewed to the right, and highly do not recommend sleeping facing left. Because if you sleep in a position tilted to the left, then the organs are located on the left (heart, stomach, and small brain) is inhibited system works. For example:
1. Side
Work ought gastric served to smooth the food, because under pressure, so some foods that should be processed it will be hampered.
2. Heart
Work is sebagaii heart pumping blood throughout the body. Because of the pressure, the blood supply to the entire body is also hampered.
3. Cerebellum
If the cerebellum are under pressure, then the way we think to be slow even though only a few seconds.
Hopefully by reading this, you all do not feel satisfied. Thus, you will try to learn the law of God is more profound. Wallahualam bishowaf. The concept of healthy life style of the Prophet Muhammad
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